Why Portable Air Conditioners Might Not Be For You ~ Find Out Why ~

Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner sounds like a good idea for those on a budget or renters. This type of device can do the job well in some cases.

Yet, some consumers also feel dissatisfied with the shortcomings of portable AC devices in many other situations.

Why are portable air conditioners bad? The majority of portable air conditioners prove to be terrible at cooling and heating. And in terms of safety, they are pretty much unsafe compared to other types of air conditioners. When it comes to noise, these ACs can drown television sounds.

Those were just examples of how bad portable air conditioners can get. This article will tell you more about other reasons not to buy portable air conditioners if you can. But before I go there, you must first know how it works.

How A Portable Air Conditioning Unit Works

Like every other type of air conditioner, portable air conditioners work a lot.

In a series of coiled coils, the chemical refrigerant flows through and collects inside heat.

Via an exhaust hose, the heat is released outside. The distinction is that the heat is emitted by hanging out of the window with window AC.

Warm air is directed outdoors by a single or dual hose that appears like a lightweight dryer vent for portable units.

Usually, a portable AC device would come with a single hose and a window package.

The hose and window package helps you to rapidly and conveniently set up the venting system.

It is a bit of a lie that you can move portable air conditioning units on a whim into different spaces.

Owing to the need to exhaust air through a window, it also requires exhaust vent changing to move a device around. 

Why Portable Air Conditioners Are Not Ideal

If we take energy quality, reliability, convenience, and even wellbeing into account, I would not recommend this unit.

These reasons are among its disadvantages:

High Consumption

Usually, these units have an electrical consumption that can range from 1000 to 2000 kW / hour.

Imagine the receipt that will come in the most critical months of use.

Maximum Working Capacity

Another factor that makes their use more costly is they cannot enable compressor operation control.

It stops until the target temperature is achieved, and as soon as it adjusts, it begins operating at full power again.

Excessive Noise

Portable ACs are not necessarily built with minimal noise pollution relative to other appliances.

You will need to turn up the volume while watching TV because there will be much more noise at home. And it is just an ordeal to sleep.

Unsightly Outlet Tube

They need an outlet with a generator that you can buy outside to restore the climate.

A window, door, or wall must be tailored to the exterior to be successful.

The artistic outcome is unfortunate, and doing it well is not always easy. For that reason, even the value of being portable is minimal.

Large Size

The majority of these products are unnecessarily broad. Moving them and finding a suitable location is challenging.

Another downside that makes them less portable than what is promised is their ostentation.


The power to draw humidity out of the air is part of what makes the room cool.

Water must go somewhere when this moisture is pulled from the air.

Although a portable air conditioner produces condensation inside, the resultant water on central and window units stops outside.

Portable air conditioners can be complicated with disposing of water. It must either be mounted beside a window so the water vapor will be brought outside by an exhaust vent.

In other cases, there must be a pan inside the machine that the user can clean from time to time.

This prospect is sometimes a hassle in two ways:

  1. Restricts the areas where it is possible to set up a portable device
  2. Forces the owner to take on a different role that is not appropriate for other AC types.

Limited Cooling Space

Perhaps the restricted range of this unit is the worst drawback of portable air conditioners.

Only a small space, such as a single bed, can usually cool a portable unit. The cooling output is expected to be less than a window unit and much less than central air conditioning.

If A Portable Is Your Only Choice

If you have no choice but to buy portable ACs, consider the factors below.

Power Cord

For your portable air conditioner, manufacturers do not consider using an extension cable.

The manuals usually warn against it and say that your warranties would be invalid for doing so.

Portable air conditioners are relatively power demanding, and you might not be able to cope with your extension cable.

Aside from that, it poses a risk of overheating or burning. Consider the portable air conditioner’s location concerning the power socket.

For your system, some cords can be too low.

Remote Control

These are handy, but with the added benefit of information on room temperature.

Once you can control the unit with remote control, your life will be more comfortable.

An LCD is handy, so you can see the cooling status without having to get up and look at the screen.

Operating Modes

Heat, cold (dehumidify), automatic or fan only, heat (for reverse-cycle models).

Automatic or smart mode means that they can be set to a target temperature. If needed, move to cooling mode (or reverse-cycle model heating).

On/off Timers

These help program the machine to turn on/off at various times. It will undoubtedly help you with cooling the house off when you get home from work.

Sleep timers are helpful at night as they turn off the machine instead of running all night after a fixed cycle.

These typically have automatic temperature controls. It changes the temperature to a suitable amount for sleeping in.

With this, you can sleep tight because the air conditioner will not run as hard and often more quietly.

Louvers To Direct Airflow

Many have louvers that are manually customizable, but a few only have fixed louvers. Other versions have oscillating louvers automatically.

It allows the cool air to be directed more generally than in a set direction.

Window Kit

It comes with filler panels to cover the gap in an open window.

Using an exhaust hose, guide hot air outside.


These units, especially if they are on full blast, can be very noisy and disturbing to control.

While listening to music or watching television, they can interfere with everyday conversation, which can be annoying.

Water Drainage

Portable AC needs a storage tank for water to go to. Specific modern models use water to aid cooling, eliminating the need to drain water from the tank.

Ease Of Use

Look for easy-to-reach handles and decent clearance between the floor and the bottom of the device.

This feature will help you transfer the portable air conditioner from room to room. Smaller wheels on a carpet with piles can be an annoyance.


Any newer versions allow you to monitor the system using an app or even a smart speaker.

If you need to turn the machine on or off while you are not home, these characteristics can help.

But the primary remote control that comes with most versions will typically do the job.


A higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean improved efficiency, as in all appliances.

For this, to get at least half of your money’s worth, you have to choose a portable AC carefully.

Best Options For Portable Air Conditioner


This trusted global company has snagged a top spot on our list with its superior portable air conditioner, not surprisingly.

Indeed, Life’s Good, even more so if you can be comfortable inside safely when it is hot outside.

Using the LG 14,000 BTU dual inverter, you get a highly rated, unique featured device allowed by smart technology.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are combined with it. It is the most expensive choice on this list, and for a good reason, this item is filled with features.

There is so much to love about this model. Compressor motor speed is adjusted according to the temperature rather than waste power by switching on and off. It gives up to 40% more energy savings compared to other units.

SereneLife SLPAC10 10,000 BTU

It is safe, and the price is reasonable. It is a no-frills device designed for a single room or up to 450 sq. Ft.

It checks all the relevant boxes. It also has rotating vents for improved air ventilation—the usual three fan settings and a 24-hour timer to plan to cool and save power.

The built-in dehumidifier can extract 1.5 liters an hour. It has a simple and easy setup and is particularly liked by reviewers.

Honeywell MN10CESWW

It has minimalistic nature, feather-touch controls, maximum cooling, and quiet running, making people love this 10,000 BTU unit.

It has a washable filtration device, like other possibilities on this list. By filtering away impurities, they are easy to clean and protect and prolong the machine’s life.

It is quieter than other units because of its unique dual-motor technology. The maximum velocity setting measures 51-54 decibels.

The sound frequency is equal to a conversation in a silent space between two people.

Rollibot ROLLICOOL COOL 208-20 10,000 BTU

Consider the ROLLICOOL10,000 BTU if you are shopping for robust functionality and smart device integration at a modest price point.

The device can be controlled entirely via the user-friendly ROLLICOOL software.

A cooling schedule can be set up and energy usage tracked. Or you can couple it with Alexa to use your voice to control the machine.

With a cooling capacity of up to 275 sq., The ROLLICOOL is suitable for smaller rooms and spaces.

Its robust built-in dehumidifier can absorb up to 84 pints of water a day. It will sure make those muggy days more relaxed.

Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU

This independent California-based company delivers high-quality ventilation items.

Whynter differentiates itself with features such as CFC-free R-32 refrigerant, lead-free RoHS compatible parts. It also has the dedication to high energy efficiency.

The 14,000 BTU Whynter model can cool rooms faster than its single-hose rivals with its dual-hose service.

So you can save up to 500 sq. of energy and cool a room. Ft. in no time.

Whirlpool Dual-Exhaust 14,000 BTU

Whirlpool sells one for two 14,000 BTU dual-hose versions. This is perfect if you need to cool a wide room with rapid efficiency.

But remember, with all that strength and effective two-hose design, you would have to give up some degree of portability.

It is heavy!  You do not want to move it from room to room at 74 lbs. And in the window kit installation with the second hose, you’ll have an extra step.

Make Your Portable Air Conditioner More Efficient

  • Right Installation

All units of portable AC come with a kit that you can easily install in a window. The kit is composed of a plastic panel with a connection for the exhaust hose to use.

You can install it vertically in a sliding window or horizontally in a double-hung window.

Make sure all connections are tightly sealed to avoid risks of unit damage, higher energy bills, and less comfort.

  • Use a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan can help your room to be more relaxed. The breeze from the ceiling fan will help move the air with your portable AC.

  • Roll down your curtains and block the sun

The sun’s heat is a significant factor in the room heat. When your room is absorbing too much sunlight, the unit is less likely to produce cool air. Roll down your curtains or blinds to block the sun.


Portable air conditioning is not recommended and, as opposed to the best performing fixed facilities, leaves much to be desired.

Portable ACs can also have low-quality filters and other materials, which can be detrimental to health if not modified regularly.

However, if you have no other option, choose the right one and optimize its use.

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