Can I Replace Ductwork Myself?

When it comes to the condition of your ductwork, it is vital to make sure it is running optimally. It needs to deliver warm or cool air to every part of your house because troubles with your air cuts can lead to destruction. A professional can take care of many issues but having a replacement is the most economical way to do so.

Can I replace ductwork myself? Yes, it is possible. But a lot of professionals recommend having it done by a heating, cooling, and ductwork repair professional. Ductwork runs in every part of your house, and this can give you a hard time if you opt for DIY repairs.

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In this short read, you will have an understanding of how to properly replace the ductwork by yourself and what are the signs it needs replacement.

Replacing And Installing Ductwork

If you are planning to place or install your very own ductwork, it might be possible but need some help and guidance with some ductwork experts. It is because when you pursue DIY projects like this, there will be plenty of hard contracting lift. It is also known to be a delicate system because if the ductwork is not replaced properly, you might harm your HVAC’s overall performance.

The numbers of home losing conditioned air are between 20 to 30%, and this is due to leaks, holes, or poor connection in your ducts. If you lost at least 30% of air, your AC or furnace is running 30% longer than average to be able to get the same results if you have sealed ducts. That is a lot of power you do not need to waste especially if you live in a place where the cost of living is high.

Signs That Ducts Needs Replacement

Ensuring a healthy healthy duct is essential. Here are among the easiest ways to tell whether it is time to get new ductwork installed.

Old Ductwork

Usually, ductwork can last until 10 to 15 years before there’s a problem to arise. When your ducts are more than 15 years old, it is time to have them replaced before a major issue arises. This way, you can prevent drafts or stuffy areas and make sure that all parts of your house stay as cozy as possible.

High Utility Bills

Remember if your utilities keep on going up, its because you are losing energy in your ductworks. There is a possibility that there is a presence of a leak and a professional HVAC can help you troubleshoot it. If the leaks are small, you can have your ductwork sealed to save more energy.


To conclude, the best way to explain your again ductwork is that your house’s ducts were fine for your home HVAC systems when it was new. But after an extended period, what it was initially designed to do, and how this particular system was designed to do may no longer work with today’s HVAC technology.

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